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2017 Chardonnay Reserve

2017 Chardonnay Reserve
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Duvarita Vineyard is a planting to the west of Santa Rita Hills. It is a wind-swept sand dune right on the coast. The farming is biodynamic and immaculate. The anemic sandy soil produces very little fruit with massive concentration of flavor. This is a double-edged sword as the fruit quality is unparalleled but the yield is miniscule. We were only able to harvest enough fruit for 2 barrels of wine in 2016. It was the tail end of five years of drought and the vines were unable to fruit. The wind was so severe that what little buds the vine produced were unable to pollinate and turn to clusters of grapes. It was a disaster for the patent farmer but produced the most intense chardonnay we have ever worked with. The aroma is restrained and elegant with notes of fresh apple pie crust, white peach blossom and jasmine. The pallet is heavily laden with ripe pear, honey, and baked apple tart. This would be a lovely paring for a holiday desert. 

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Duvarita Vineyard
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